Stardew Valley Creator Drops Mysterious Teaser for 1.6 Update


Stardew Valley, known for its devoted fan base, has captivated players for years, and the recent enigmatic Qi fruit teaser for Update 1.6 has sparked a surge of excitement. The game’s creator, ConcernedApe, has been dropping tantalizing hints about the upcoming content for Stardew Valley over the past few weeks, heightening anticipation among fans.

Originally released in 2016, Stardew Valley has garnered acclaim for its charming characters, immersive storytelling, and soothing gameplay. With several updates under its belt, Update 1.6 is highly anticipated as one of the most substantial additions yet. Although an official release date for this new content remains unconfirmed, ConcernedApe has been keeping the community engaged with these intriguing teasers.


In a recent post, ConcernedApe shared a seemingly ordinary yet enigmatic image of what appears to be a Qi fruit, leaving fans both puzzled and intrigued. The depiction showcases a sizable blue fruit adorned with green leaves, donning sunglasses and a mischievous smirk. Devotees quickly identified it as a Qi fruit, a rare item in the game associated with the “Qi’s Crops” quest, where the enigmatic Mr. Qi tasks players with cultivating and shipping 500 Qi fruits within 28 days. However, no accompanying caption or context was provided, adding to the air of mystery.

Many fans are speculating that this image hints at the potential for Qi fruits to grow into colossal crops in Stardew Valley, drawing comparisons between the new image and the original sprite. Currently, only melons, cauliflowers, and pumpkins have the capacity to yield giant variants. Consequently, enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the introduction of another enormous crop, although the choice of the Qi fruit remains intriguing.

What sets Qi fruit apart in Stardew Valley?
Qi fruit distinguishes itself from other crops in the game by instantly disappearing from the player’s fields, inventory, chests, and even from preserves jars and kegs once the associated quest is completed. The only known method to retain Qi fruit after the “Qi’s Crops” quest is to sell it to Pierre at his shop and repurchase it the following day. While not among the most lucrative crops in Stardew Valley, the ability to retain Qi fruit can be crucial for players aiming to complete the quest within the specified time frame. With ConcernedApe alluding to the potential for growing giant crops from Qi fruit, there’s a tantalizing possibility that these crops may have value beyond the initial quest, potentially offering a higher selling price for the Qi fruit.