Star Wars Thrawn trilogy review!


The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn is undoubtedly a cornerstone of the pre-Disney Star Wars Legends continuity, offering an intricate narrative following beloved characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Lando Calrissian in the fledgling New Republic, facing off against the strategic genius Thrawn and the mad Jedi, Joruus C’baoth.

Heir to the Empire: This 1991 novel introduces the fragile New Republic as it battles to maintain control while facing the return of Thrawn, who aims to annihilate the fledgling government. The book captures the essence of iconic characters, introduces intriguing new ones, and adds depth to both the Empire and the New Republic, revealing the galaxy as a more complex and expansive place.

Dark Force Rising: Released in 1992, this sequel sees Thrawn’s continued assault on the New Republic. It delves into darker themes, exploring the uneasy relationship between Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade, while expanding on the world-building established in the first novel, offering a more nuanced view of the Galactic Civil War.


The Last Command: The final installment in 1993 concludes Thrawn’s pursuit of the New Republic. With the climax set on Coruscant, it escalates tensions and delivers a dramatic showdown between the protagonists and their adversaries. Although the resolution involving C’baoth creating a clone of Luke feels a bit unconventional, the book offers a fitting conclusion to Thrawn’s arc.

The trilogy’s strength lies in its intricate plotting, well-developed characters, and expansion of the Star Wars universe. The introduction of Thrawn, his non-Force-wielding yet menacing persona, and the exploration of lesser-known aspects of the galaxy captivate readers.

Moreover, the series provides fascinating insights into the old Jedi Order, the Force, and alternate versions of the Old Republic and Clone Wars, deviating from later depictions in the Star Wars canon. With Thrawn’s resurgence in various Disney-era stories, exploring the original trilogy becomes even more compelling.

Overall, these novels laid the groundwork for the expanded universe, influencing subsequent Star Wars stories and making them essential reads for fans looking to delve deeper into the Star Wars universe’s rich lore.