Star Wars’ Curious Character Finds Purpose 43 Years Later: Unraveling the Unexpected Role


The Star Wars universe has taken four decades to shed light on one of its more enigmatic side characters. A new comic delves into the backstory of Lobot, Lando Calrissian’s cybernetic companion from The Empire Strikes Back, portrayed by John Hollis. This comic installment unveils a deep connection between the two characters.

In Star Wars #40, a poignant scene unfolds where Lobot questions the nature of their relationship. Feeling like “another sucker” amidst Lando’s discussion about how scoundrels typically treat people, Lobot seems uncertain. However, Lando clarifies that the droid is integral to keeping him grounded.

“In this line of work, everyone agrees on one thing,” Lando expresses. “You gotta tell the truth to someone. Someone needs to keep you honest.” This revelation signifies the significant role Lobot plays in Lando Calrissian’s life, providing substantial depth to a character who initially appeared as a minor figure in one of the beloved Star Wars movies.


Lobot shows concern for Lando’s lifestyle, but Lando seems content with the present state of affairs. He acknowledges that good times are fleeting, a sentiment emphasized by the unceremonious end of Cloud City. Despite this, Lando leads a rich and eventful life, as demonstrated in his involvement in the Sequel Trilogy, particularly during The Rise of Skywalker. Billy Dee Williams reprised his role, giving the iconic character a poignant moment in the spotlight.

This intimate scene in the comic highlights the continued value of exploring the Star Wars expanded universe. It offers insights into various heroes and villains that may struggle to find significant screen time in Disney Plus shows or films. While Lobot might not receive another on-screen appearance, this narrative thread provides substantial history for the character without necessitating a visual portrayal.

The strength of the Star Wars books lies in enhancing the lore and mythology with small yet meaningful pieces of information. For instance, recent revelations, such as the revelation that Endor remained intact after the Death Star explosion, add depth to the saga. While these details might not be essential for the sci-fi series’ main narrative, they contribute perfectly as supplementary material, enriching the overall Star Wars experience.