Star Trek’s Kirk and Seven of Nine made one of the worst movies ever


William Shatner and Jeri Ryan, both beloved for their iconic roles in Star Trek, ventured into unfamiliar territory with the 2019 occult horror movie, Devil’s Revenge, which, unfortunately, is often regarded as one of the worst movies ever made. The film, attempting to blend elements of the Indiana Jones franchise with a narrative involving a portal to hell, received scathing reviews and struggled to find favor even among the most dedicated Star Trek fans.

Maurice Hurley, the original showrunner of Star Trek: The Next Generation, contributed to the film’s downfall by penning the script, further deepening its Star Trek connections. The storyline takes a peculiar turn as Shatner portrays a military patriarch who dispatches his archaeologist son, played by Ryan, on a perilous quest to locate an ancient cursed relic. The inclusion of these seasoned Star Trek actors and the involvement of a key figure from the Star Trek universe heightened expectations, but the film failed to deliver.

Devil’s Revenge garnered limited attention, with Rotten Tomatoes listing only five reviews, and just one of them expressing a positive view. The Guardian’s scathing one-star review characterized the film as a “pudding,” criticizing its reliance on crass emotional manipulation, deadweight exposition, and cornball reversals.


Given the lukewarm reception and harsh criticism, fans may be inclined to hope that any future collaborations featuring the likes of Kirk and Seven of Nine fare much better than Devil’s Revenge. While expecting a cinematic masterpiece might be optimistic, there remains a desire for future projects to showcase the talents of these beloved Star Trek actors in a more favorable light.