Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date speculation: Is it happening?


Despite a rollercoaster journey for fans of the animated series Star Trek Prodigy, there’s good news on the horizon. After the first season aired smoothly in 2021, even clinching a Children’s and Family Emmy, Paramount Plus initially left the fate of Star Trek Prodigy season 2 uncertain. However, in true heroic Star Trek fashion, a rescue mission came through just in time, ensuring that we’ll get to see more of the show.

Star Trek Prodigy offers a unique perspective within the Star Trek franchise, featuring a group of diverse alien characters who find themselves in command of an abandoned Starfleet vessel – the USS Protostar. Their journey eventually leads them to cross paths with one of the beloved Star Trek captains: Kathryn Janeway. Now established as full-fledged heroes, they embark on a new mission, leaving behind their self-destructing ship. Here’s what we currently know about the upcoming season.


Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date speculation


Star Trek Prodigy season 2 is set to arrive on Netflix in 2024, although an exact date has yet to be confirmed.

The journey for Star Trek Prodigy’s second season has been anything but straightforward. Initially scheduled to debut on Paramount Plus in late 2023, the streaming platform decided to cancel the show. However, executive producer Aaron Waltke promptly assured fans on Twitter that the team was determined to move forward with more episodes, expressing confidence that the show would find a new home.

In a welcome turn of events, Netflix stepped in to save the day in October 2023, securing the distribution rights. The platform is slated to add season one to its catalog before the close of 2023. Subsequently, in 2024, Star Trek Prodigy season 2 will join the ranks of the best series available on Netflix.

While there haven’t been specific details regarding the release date, it’s reasonable to assume that the production is either finished or very close to completion. Originally, the show was on track for a late 2023 release before its cancellation. Production work continued during the search for a new distribution deal. Therefore, it’s likely that Star Trek Prodigy season 2 will be available in the first quarter of 2024.

The potential obstacle in this timeline is the ongoing 2023 Actors Strike, which has been ongoing since July 2023. This strike would prevent SAG-AFTRA union members from conducting voice work. Consequently, the release date for Prodigy hinges on the extent of recording that occurred before the strikes and how swiftly the dispute is resolved.


What will happen in Star Trek Prodigy season 2?

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 will continue the journey of the former Protostar team, now serving as warrant officers under Janeway’s command aboard the USS Voyager-A. Their mission involves investigating a potentially perilous wormhole.

Significantly, this particular wormhole is the one they created when they initiated the self-destruction sequence on the Protostar at the conclusion of the first season.

The existence of this wormhole leads to the emergence of two distinct versions of Solum, which is Gwyn’s homeworld and her intended destination at the end of the initial season. One version enjoys a state of peace, while the other has been marred by civil conflict.

It appears that temporal complexities will play a significant role in Prodigy season 2, promising an intricate narrative. Star Trek has a longstanding tradition of presenting complex sci-fi concepts in a digestible manner for a wide-ranging audience. As such, there’s confidence that the second season will adeptly handle these intricate elements.


How to watch Star Trek Prodigy Season 2

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 has transitioned from Paramount Plus to Netflix, providing fans with a new platform to enjoy the upcoming season. This move has generated anticipation among viewers, and many are looking forward to the continued adventures of the Protostar crew under the command of Captain Janeway.