Spotting Three Warning Signs in Lauren Manzo And Vito Scalia’s Marriage!


Lauren Manzo Scalia, a familiar face on “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” is going through a divorce after eight years of marriage with Vito Scalia. Lauren took to Instagram to share the news, emphasizing that they are amicable and have been on this path together for some time. This decision, she stressed, is rooted in mutual love and respect, and they remain committed to moving forward as a family.

Speculations about their marriage had been circulating for years, particularly after Lauren stopped featuring Vito on her Instagram in 2018, a platform where he was once a frequent presence alongside their daughter, Marchesa Anna Scalia. Back then, Vito strongly refuted any troubles, vehemently denying the rumors. He went as far as declaring their relationship as “perfect” on Facebook.

However, the official divorce filing by Vito on September 5, citing “irreconcilable differences” and indicating ongoing problems for at least six months, confirmed what had been hinted at for some time.


Their journey, like many reality TV couples, unfolded in front of the cameras. Their wedding planning, complete with its stresses and challenges, was documented, culminating in their nuptials in 2015. The Manzo family, anchored by Lauren’s mother Caroline Manzo, a long-standing figure on “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” has had their lives intertwined with Bravo cameras since the show’s inception in 2009.

Caroline, reflecting on their reality TV experience, mentioned how her perspective on the show had evolved over the years, from something she was eager to share with future generations to something she hoped they’d never see. Nevertheless, the family returned to the spotlight with “Manzo’d with Children” in 2014, offering an even deeper dive into their personal lives.

Throughout their time on screen, Lauren and Vito’s communication struggles were evident. Their bickering, reminiscent of a seasoned married couple, played out for the world to see. Caroline observed that their difficulties in effective communication were a natural part of their dynamic, rooted in their early days of marriage. Despite this, they continued to navigate their differences, with both asserting their dedication and hard work.

Marrying into the Manzo family, known for its vibrant dynamics and occasional conflicts, wasn’t an easy task. The extended Manzo family, combined with the Giudices, brought their own unique brand of drama and intensity. From explosive vacations to feuds within the clan, life with the Manzos was nothing short of eventful. Caroline herself found herself entangled in disputes, illustrating the depth of familial complexities.

In the midst of this, Lauren and Vito’s marriage unfolded, providing a window into the intricacies of their relationship. Joining this boisterous and at times turbulent family wasn’t for the faint of heart, making their journey all the more remarkable.