Spider-Man Multiplayer Game Allegedly Canceled


The data leak at Insomniac Games following the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has shed light on a canceled Spider-Man multiplayer game, Spider-Man: The Great Web. This revelation has fueled discussions across the gaming industry, with the leaked information covering Insomniac’s potential projects for the next decade. However, Insomniac has not officially confirmed the existence of the Spider-Man multiplayer title or addressed it in their statements following the data breach.

The leaked data, totaling around 1.7 terabytes, has been a significant topic of conversation, with details about various projects surfacing in the aftermath of the breach. Notably, the leak included an entire PC build for Marvel’s Wolverine, prompting some users to download it, although subsequent reports revealed that those who acquired it received DMCA notices from their ISPs.

A report by Jason Schreier at Bloomberg disclosed the existence of Spider-Man: The Great Web, a multiplayer game intended to involve players fighting crime in New York City alongside other Spider-People. However, it was purportedly canceled by Insomniac Games “a long time ago.” This cancellation raises questions about the accuracy and relevance of other leaked information, as plans within game development studios can evolve and change over time. The report did not specify the initial release schedule for Spider-Man: The Great Web in relation to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.


Despite the cancellation, elements from the scrapped title might still influence Insomniac’s future plans. Another leaked detail hinted at a potential online mode for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in 2024, although this information has not been officially addressed by Insomniac, leaving room for potential changes or the abandonment of the concept.

For gamers eagerly anticipating Insomniac Games’ future projects, it’s essential to approach leaked information with caution. While the leaks offer a glimpse into the inner workings of the studio, plans in the gaming industry are subject to continuous evolution and might not always materialize as initially envisioned. Therefore, leaked details may not accurately represent Insomniac’s definitive long-term plans moving forward.