Speculation Swirls: Grand Theft Auto 5 Actor Potentially Joining GTA 6 Cast


Rumors are swirling within the gaming community, hinting at Ned Luke, renowned for portraying Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto 5, potentially reprising his role for Grand Theft Auto 6. The next installment in Rockstar’s iconic series has been a subject of fervent speculation, and fans recently got their first glimpse through the initial Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer unveiled earlier this month. Not delving much into the plot, the trailer primarily showcased modern Vice City, drawing parallels to Florida, and teased a city pulsating with thrilling adventures.

Dedicated fans have meticulously combed through the trailer, scrutinizing every frame, on the lookout for any clues about beloved characters from past GTA titles. A prevalent theory suggests that GTA 6 might feature an aged Tommy Vercetti, the ambitious gangster controlled by players in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. However, this might only amount to a subtle nod due to the unfortunate passing of Ray Liotta in 2022. Another speculation revolves around the sighting of Vice City’s Lance Vance roaming the streets of Leonida in the GTA 6 trailer. And now, it appears that a prominent character from GTA 5 might also make an appearance.

Ned Luke, famously recognized as Michael De Santa from Grand Theft Auto 5, recently appeared for an interview on Larry Lawton’s YouTube channel. At the video’s outset, Lawton introduced Luke as “Michael from Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto 6.” Luke seemed taken aback by this seemingly accidental revelation, quickly attempting to clarify, stating, “I’m not in… we don’t… GTA 6 is unknown things right now. Just to make that clear.” He humorously dismissed Lawton’s slip-of-tongue as a “senior moment” while skillfully skirting around confirming or denying the potential return in GTA 6.


Fans of the 2013 hit Grand Theft Auto 5 fondly remember Ned Luke’s portrayal of Michael, one of the game’s three playable protagonists. Michael, a once-notorious bank robber who staged his death during a botched heist, aimed to retire peacefully and raise his family in Los Santos, Rockstar’s rendition of Los Angeles. However, his quiet life took a dramatic turn when he crossed paths with Franklin Clinton, an aspiring criminal seeking guidance. Subsequently, Michael found himself entangled in the perilous criminal underworld, especially after his old partner Trevor Phillips discovered Michael’s survival.

Considering at least two of Grand Theft Auto 5’s multiple endings depict Michael surviving, the possibility of his cameo or even a full-fledged side quest in Grand Theft Auto 6 isn’t far-fetched. Alternatively, although less probable, it’s conceivable that Ned Luke might be playing an entirely different character if he indeed has a role in GTA 6. The uncertainty surrounding his involvement keeps fans speculating about what surprises Rockstar might have in store for the highly anticipated sequel.