Speculation Arises: Genshin Impact Version 4.4 Expected to Introduce Long-Awaited Artifact Feature


The latest leak regarding Genshin Impact‘s version 4.4 has unveiled a potential groundbreaking addition: an automatic artifact equipping function. This purported feature arrives on the heels of version 4.3, which introduced various artifact quality-of-life improvements like Automatic Locking and Quick Unlock functions, streamlining inventory management for players. Furthermore, the cap for materials used in artifact upgrades was raised to 15, significantly reducing the time players spend on enhancement screens.

Artifacts hold a pivotal role in Genshin Impact as gear obtained from boss fights or Domains, profoundly influencing a character’s innate statistics and providing valuable combat enhancements. These items, varying in rarity and type, boast distinct sub-stats, enhancing offensive or defensive capabilities. As adventurers progress, they amass five-star artifacts from bosses, leveling them up by sacrificing others. Paired with formidable weapons, these artifacts play a pivotal role in character builds, optimizing their effectiveness.

A recent leak from Chalice hinted at a forthcoming feature in version 4.4—an artifact functionality enabling players to automatically equip the most suitable artifact for their characters. Reportedly, this feature will identify the optimal artifact based on prevalent player setups within the server, saving Travelers the hassle of manually sorting through their inventory. For instance, when journeying with Genshin Impact’s Navia, Travelers will equip artifacts boosting Geo damage and Crit DMG if other players adhere to a similar build. However, this automated approach carries a risk, considering some Travelers might lack expertise in crafting optimal character builds.


Excitement abounds among fellow Genshin Impact enthusiasts on Reddit regarding the potential auto-equip feature in version 4.4. Some have expressed a desire for developers to integrate the ability to create artifact loadouts and share them among friends. This feature might prove immensely helpful for newcomers navigating the complexities of character builds.

In addition to these quality-of-life enhancements, version 4.4 of Genshin Impact promises the introduction of a new character duo—Gaming and Xianyun—offering players opportunities to refine their party configurations. Early leaks suggest they might share a banner phase, coinciding with the Lantern Rite, a flagship event in Genshin Impact. There’s even speculation that Gaming, a four-star Pyro unit, could be obtainable for free in this forthcoming version—a potential treat for players.