Speculation Abounds: Possibility of a God of War Original Trilogy Remaster Emerges as Rumor


According to gaming industry insider Nick Baker on The Xbox Era podcast (Episode 191), there’s a rumor circulating that the original God of War trilogy might receive remastered versions for modern gaming systems. Baker expressed a preference for the series’ original hack-and-slash gameplay over the direction taken by the recent God of War titles. He mentioned hearing about the potential remaster of the trilogy during the podcast segment dedicated to rumors.

Baker didn’t provide a specific release date but suggested that the remastered trilogy might come out in 2024 or 2025. He also wasn’t certain about the extent of the remaster – whether it would simply be a port of the PS3 remasters or a more comprehensive overhaul similar to games like Metroid Prime Remastered, which featured new controls, graphical enhancements, and other tweaks. Baker stated that a more involved remaster would be more exciting for fans.

Regarding the games included in the remaster, Baker emphasized that the trilogy remaster would likely focus on the three mainline games and not include spin-offs like God of War Ascension. If the rumor is true, this remastered release could provide newer God of War fans an opportunity to experience the games that initiated the franchise and compare Kratos’ original journey to the newer God of War era.


However, as with any rumor, there’s uncertainty until official confirmation. Claims from insiders can sometimes be inaccurate, so it’s wise to take this information with a level of skepticism until more concrete details are revealed.