South Park’s 14-Year Mystery Resolved


The 14-year mystery surrounding the Rock Band song used in the South Park episode featuring Cartman’s rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” has finally been solved. In the Season 13 episode “Whale Whores,” viewers witness Cartman singing “Poker Face” while Kenny plays the drums and Kyle accompanies on guitar. The episode aired in 2009, yet the Lady Gaga song didn’t become playable in Rock Band until 2010.

The mystery lingered for years as it was evident that the South Park episode used footage from another Rock Band song. However, the specific song remained unidentified until recently. A TikTok video by JasonParadise revealed that Twitter user aWiseMoose sought help from the community to identify the song. JasonParadise highlighted that the segment showing part of a guitar solo was pivotal in solving the mystery. Twitter user ahelpfulhamster provided a spreadsheet of Rock Band songs with guitar solos, which PuppetMasterIX utilized to narrow down the options. Eventually, they discovered that the song used in the South Park episode to depict Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” was actually “Street of Dreams” by Guns n Roses, concluding a 14-year quest.

For those with Rock Band 4 and plastic instruments, Eric Cartman’s version of “Poker Face” is available for purchase at $1.99 in the game’s store. However, considering that the store might eventually shut down, fans might want to acquire any desired songs while the opportunity persists.


There’s speculation about the potential revival of music/rhythm games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero in the future. With Microsoft owning the Guitar Hero IP, there have been hints at a possible resurgence of the brand. Additionally, Rock Band lives on in Fortnite, as Harmonix, the developer of Rock Band, has introduced a music/rhythm game within Fortnite called Fortnite Festival. Official plastic instrument support for Fortnite Festival is anticipated in 2024.

Meanwhile, South Park maintains a significant presence in the gaming realm, with the upcoming release of the co-op game, South Park: Snow Day, scheduled for March 26, 2024.