Sony’s 2024 TV range will get a dedicated Prime Video mode later this year


If you’re a Prime Video enthusiast enjoying your entertainment on a new 2024 Sony TV, you’re in for a treat later this year: a significant free upgrade that introduces auto-calibrated mode specifically tailored for Prime Video. This enhancement mirrors the Netflix Calibrated Mode introduced to Sony TVs in 2018, which optimizes picture settings for an optimal Netflix viewing experience. Similarly, the Prime Video feature aims to deliver an enhanced viewing experience, albeit exclusively tailored for Prime Video content.

But this upgrade goes beyond mere picture adjustments. The auto-calibration mode is designed to intelligently identify the type of content you’re watching. Whether it’s a TV show, a movie, or a live sports stream, your Sony TV will automatically adjust its settings accordingly. For instance, when watching a movie, the TV will switch to a calibrated movie mode, while for sports content, it will dynamically adjust brightness, color temperature, and even apply motion smoothing for a smoother viewing experience during fast-paced action.

So, what Prime Video content will benefit from this auto-calibration feature? According to Amazon, it covers the entire Prime Video catalog, including MGM titles and live sports events. Each content type will be accompanied by a digital flag that signals your TV to apply the appropriate calibration mode. In total, there will be eight calibration modes, each tailored for LCD and OLED TVs respectively. Furthermore, the feature will leverage your TV’s light sensors to dynamically adjust the on-screen display based on ambient lighting conditions.


Regarding compatibility with different content formats, Sony confirms that the auto-calibration feature will work seamlessly with both standard and high dynamic range (HDR) content. However, for Dolby Vision content, the TV will utilize its standard Dolby Vision processing instead of the auto-calibrated mode.

The anticipated update is slated for release this summer and will initially be exclusive to the 2024 Sony TV lineup, including the A95L QD-OLED TV. Users can expect to receive the update via a system firmware update, with the feature enabled by default for supported TVs. This marks a significant advancement in delivering an immersive and optimized viewing experience for Prime Video enthusiasts on Sony TVs.