SOL PV Pioneers Sustainable Energy Solutions: A Case Study with Central Co-op

Revolutionizing Commercial Rooftops with Solar Innovation


In the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy, SOL PV Group has emerged as a leader, spearheading sustainable solutions in collaboration with businesses like Central Co-op. Specializing in the installation of solar PV panels, SOL PV has set a benchmark in the UK’s commercial rooftop sector, prioritizing quality, safety, and environmental impact.

A Leader in Commercial Rooftop Solar Installation

SOL PV has carved a niche in the solar sector, particularly excelling in the commercial rooftop domain. Their commitment to high standards and safety has set them apart, with very few large installers in the UK matching their expertise and quality. Brett Reynolds, Sales Director at SOL PV, notes the excitement in the renewables sector, recognizing the ongoing changes and evolution over the next decade.


Empowering Central Co-op’s Sustainability Goals

In early 2022, a significant opportunity arose when Central Co-op invited SOL PV to tender trial solar installations at Dersingham in Norfolk and Weeping Cross. The success of these trials paved the way for the installation of solar capabilities at 180 Co-op sites, including convenience stores, larger shops, and funeral homes. Notably, the trial locations are already surpassing energy yield predictions by 10-15%, showcasing the effectiveness of SOL PV’s approach.

Quality Products and Materials for Optimal Safety

SOL PV’s focus on quality products and materials aligns with their commitment to safety. The use of the SolarEdge optimized inverter system, renowned for its safety features, allows meticulous monitoring of each panel’s hourly energy production. Reynolds emphasizes the significance of supermarkets, open seven days a week, as ideal models for harnessing solar energy efficiently, with the Co-op benefiting from greater savings and a quicker return on investment.

Navigating the “Solar Coaster” and a Maturing Market

Reynolds reflects on the challenges faced by the solar industry during the nine-year period from 2010 to 2019, marked by government-imposed feed-in tariffs. Describing it as a “solar coaster,” he acknowledges the rush for solar installations but notes the challenges faced by companies like SOL PV due to external factors. Since the end of feed-in tariffs, the commercial solar market has matured, standing on its own with a more stable landscape. The rise in energy prices and businesses’ commitment to reducing carbon footprints has fueled a resurgence in the commercial solar marketplace. SOL PV’s strategic approach, coupled with the reduction in material costs, has resulted in highly favorable returns on investment for businesses adopting solar solutions.

In conclusion, SOL PV’s partnership with Central Co-op exemplifies the potential for sustainable energy solutions to drive environmental impact while delivering economic benefits. The success of their initiatives reinforces the pivotal role of companies like SOL PV in revolutionizing the energy landscape for a greener and more sustainable future.