Sky By Playboi Carti Music Interpretation: Here’s What We Think!


Playboi Carti, at the age of 27, has solidified his presence in the music industry, particularly in the realm of rap. His musical journey began during his high school years, and after graduating, he relocated to the Bronx, where he became a part of the A$AP Mob, a collective that includes the renowned rapper A$AP Rocky, who took him under his wing. Playboi Carti built a devoted fanbase by consistently releasing singles and EPs over the years. His aspiration has always been to create music that resonates with a wide audience, transcending specific demographics. As he stated in a 2018 interview with Forbes, “My music is like a relief. It’s for the hustlers, it’s for the girls, it’s for the thugs, it’s for the nerds, it’s for everybody.”

This inclusive approach to his music paid off, catapulting Playboi Carti to stardom. In 2018, he dropped his debut album, “Die Lit,” which received critical acclaim. Two years later, he released his second album, “Whole Lotta Red.” While the album itself debuted in 2020, it was thanks to the viral sensation of TikTok that his track “Sky” gained significant traction. Remarkably, in October 2023, three years after its release, the song claimed the top spot on TikTok Billboard’s Top 50 chart, as reported by Billboard. Fans have been streaming the track fervently, demonstrating its enduring popularity.

“Sky” delves into Playboi Carti’s personal experience of using drugs as a means of escape. The lyrics candidly depict his engagement with certain substances and his desire to numb his emotions. This theme is apparent from the outset, as the intro begins with Carti expressing, “What? What? What? What? / I’m so high, man, I can’t even feel s***.” He goes on to request his friends to roll him ten blunts in order to achieve a state of emotional detachment.


In interviews, Playboi Carti has openly discussed his regular consumption of cannabis. In a 2023 interview with BigBoyTV, he admitted to smoking every day, characterizing it as a habitual practice that contributes to his mental well-being. For him, smoking serves as a significant coping mechanism, mirroring the sentiment conveyed in “Sky.”

The chorus of the song consistently reinforces the notion of using drugs to escape reality. Playboi Carti raps, “I could fall out the sky and I still won’t feel nothin’ / I’m way too high, woah, woah.” This repetition underscores the intensity of his altered state, emphasizing that even a dramatic event like falling from the sky wouldn’t register due to his heightened state of intoxication.

While the primary focus of “Sky” is on Playboi Carti’s relationship with drugs, there is a noteworthy interlude in the song where he shifts his attention to a romantic interest. Although the identity of this person remains ambiguous, it’s clear that Carti is expressing his deep affection. He describes her as embodying all the qualities he holds dear, affirming, “She my best friend yeah, we not a couple / She a rockstar, she a sex symbol / The way she do that s***, she make it look simple.” He continues to narrate their intimate moments and expresses admiration for her.

Ultimately, however, the narrative loops back to Playboi Carti and his reliance on drugs. He concludes with the refrain, “And shawty gon’ roll up some s*** / And shawty gon’ roll up some s***.” Despite briefly touching on a romantic connection, the song circles back to the comfort he finds in numbing his emotions with substances.