Sketch ‘What’s up brother?’ celebration, explained


Welcome to the TikTok era, sports enthusiasts, where the influence of social media creators extends beyond the digital realm and into the domain of professional sports. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s undeniable that these creators wield significant sway, shaping the behavior and even the celebrations of some of the world’s top athletes.

Enter Sketch, a rising star in the Twitch and TikTok realms, whose meteoric ascent to fame stemmed from his skillful gameplay and charismatic persona in Madden NFL, EA Sports’ acclaimed football video game series. With a blend of clever commentary, humorous celebrations, and solid gaming skills, Sketch captured the hearts of fans across various platforms.

Nowadays, you’ll find fans and athletes alike echoing Sketch’s trademark catchphrases—”Tuesday, Tuesday,” “Special teams, special plays, special players,” and the iconic “What’s up brother?”—accompanied by distinctive hand signals, a testament to the broad impact of his online presence.


But who is Sketch, beyond the digital realm? At 25 years old, he’s a multifaceted content creator, seamlessly navigating between Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube, amassing a staggering following in just a year. Hailing from Houston, Sketch proudly sports his C.J. Stroud jersey, paying homage to the star quarterback of the Texans.

One of Sketch’s most recognizable phrases, “What’s up brother?” may have originated in a casual FaceTime exchange with fellow content creator Jynxzi, but it quickly evolved into a global phenomenon, with couples, friends, and even athletes adopting it as their own.

The “What’s up brother?” trend transcends mere greetings, becoming a viral sensation embraced by athletes across various sports. From collegiate basketball champions like Donovan Clingan to NBA and NFL teams, the influence of Sketch’s humor and camaraderie knows no bounds.

In the world of Madden, Sketch’s influence extends beyond mere gameplay—he assumes the role of a coach, employing coded audibles and celebratory phrases like “Tuesday, Tuesday” and “Special teams, special plays, special players,” enriching the gaming experience for his audience.

And it’s not just in the digital realm where Sketch’s impact is felt. Collaborations with real-life athletes like C.J. Stroud elevate his status further, bridging the gap between virtual and physical sports worlds.

In essence, Sketch embodies the symbiotic relationship between social media and sports, where creators like him not only entertain but also leave an indelible mark on the culture of the game. So, as athletes continue to embrace the “What’s up brother?” trend, it’s clear that we’re witnessing a new era where the boundaries between virtual and real-life celebrations blur, all thanks to the influence of digital pioneers like Sketch.