‘Sister Wives’: Why did Meri and Kody Brown divorce?


The dissolution of Kody Brown’s and Meri Brown’s non-legally binding marriage in the series finale of Sister Wives culminated after years of strain and a realization that their relationship couldn’t progress further. While they had initially separated legally in 2010 to allow Kody to marry Robyn Brown and adopt her children, they continued as a spiritually married couple. However, the eventual end of their relationship unfolded due to various factors that strained their bond.

Meri revealed in a confessional that discussions off-camera led her and Kody to understand that their marriage had reached an impasse. Despite Kody’s desire to keep the split private, Meri believed that such a significant life change needed to be shared publicly.

During an on-camera conversation with Robyn, Meri disclosed her intention to move back from Arizona to their original home state of Utah. This decision was driven by the recent passing of Meri’s mother, Bonnie, prompting her to feel a strong pull towards reconnecting with her roots in Utah.


Meri expressed feeling an emptiness due to her grief and mentioned troubling statements made by Kody over a turbulent period, which potentially contributed to the breakdown of their relationship. There were hints of Kody’s changed attitude, including attempts to establish a “patriarchy” in their household, as mentioned by Janelle, another one of Kody’s ex-wives. Janelle also referenced instances of gaslighting during arguments, suggesting potential off-camera abusive behavior from Kody, which Meri might have alluded to.

In a confessional, Kody expressed his willingness to “fake” love for Meri, but Meri countered that he hadn’t shown such sentiments for the past decade since their divorce. She understandably expressed her reluctance for Kody to feign affection.

During a conversation with Kody and Robyn regarding her impending move and separation, Meri highlighted the unfairness of continuing a relationship devoid of genuine feelings. She expressed that she didn’t want to be alone as she had felt in recent years and didn’t want Kody to feel obligated to sustain an irreparable relationship with insincere affection. Meri and Robyn conveyed their dissatisfaction with the situation, emphasizing that it wasn’t the desired outcome for anyone involved.

The culmination of their emotional conversation signaled the finality of their relationship, underlining the challenges and heartaches faced by both Meri and Kody, ultimately leading to their decision to separate.