Sirens sounded in northern Israel over possible aerial attacks


Sirens were sounded across parts of northern Israel on Tuesday over possible unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacks. Air raid alarms were sounded in the northern communities of Yiftach, Malkia, Dishon, and Ramot Naftali, near the border with Lebanon, while minutes later, hostile aircraft alerts blared through the city of Safed and Biriya town.

Tuesday’s development came just a day after a senior Hezbollah commander was killed in an Israeli air strike in Majdal, Lebanon. According to the Iran-backed Hezbollah, Wissam Al-Tamil, who is also known as Jawas, was deputy head of the militant group’s elite Rawdan force.

According to Arabian media reports, he was killed while he was travelling in a car along with another Hezbollah leader. Earlier, in two televised addresses, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasarullah had warned Israel that there would be severe retaliation if there was an attack in Lebanon. He warned to attack Israel “without restraint” if it expands attacks against Lebanon.


His threat came after the killing of Hamas politburo member and deputy political leader Saleh al Arouri in Beirut last week. More than 150 Hezbollah militants have been killed in the ongoing skirmishes with the Israeli army since the October 2023 Hamas attack.

The Lebanon-Israel border witnessed increased tension since October 8, 2023 after the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah fired dozens of rockets toward Israel in support of the Hamas attacks on Israel the previous day, prompting Israel to respond by firing heavy artillery toward southeastern Lebanon.