Simone Biles’s Husband Jonathan Owens Unfazed by Backlash Over ‘Catch’ Comments in Relationship with Simone Biles


Jonathan Owens had a unique introduction to Simone Biles, knowing her more as a person than as an accomplished gymnast, unlike most people worldwide. Owens, a safety for the Houston Texans in the NFL, shared their unconventional love story on The Pivot podcast, shedding light on their initial connection and subsequent journey together.

Their meeting story began in 2020 when they first connected through the Raya dating app. Despite Owens being relatively unfamiliar with gymnastics and unaware of Biles’ celebrity status, he was intrigued after matching with her. He humorously admitted on the podcast that his initial curiosity was sparked upon seeing her significant Instagram following, which made him think she must be noteworthy in her field.

Surprisingly, Owens confessed that during the Olympics when Biles was making waves with her gymnastic prowess, he was in college without access to networks broadcasting the games, missing the opportunity to witness her historic performances firsthand.


Their interaction began when Biles initiated contact, leading to lively text conversations before their first in-person meeting just three days later. Due to COVID restrictions, their initial interactions were limited, but Biles made the effort to visit Owens in Houston from her suburban residence, which marked the beginning of their romantic journey.

The couple eventually tied the knot on April 22, 2023, at the Harris County Courthouse in Houston, followed by a celebratory wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, a few weeks later.

Reflecting on their relationship, Owens humorously asserted that men are the “catch” in such partnerships, despite acknowledging his initial reluctance to commit. He candidly admitted feeling apprehensive about the commitment early on but found a seamless connection with Biles when they first spent time together, instantly hitting it off and sharing laughter throughout the evening.

Owens also highlighted an incident that showcased Biles’ widespread impact when they were out together and garnered noticeable attention from awe-struck kids and parents alike at a popular cookie spot. Witnessing the reaction of children and moms, Owens recognized the immense influence and admiration that Biles commanded.

Their love story epitomizes an unexpected and unconventional connection, highlighting the beauty of genuine chemistry and shared laughter as the foundation of their relationship.