Signs Hunter Biden And Melissa Cohen’s Marriage May Not Last


Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has been a subject of frequent media attention, often under scrutiny for various aspects of his personal and professional life, including past addiction struggles, business dealings, and relationships.

His romantic life has been particularly highlighted, involving a series of relationships, divorces, and a relatively quick and controversial marriage to Melissa Cohen, a South African documentary filmmaker. Despite their whirlwind romance and marriage, there have been indications that their relationship might face challenges.

Hunter Biden’s interactions and texts discussing potential romantic interests before his divorce from Hallie Biden in early 2019 hinted at his pursuit of Nicola Peltz and others, revealing some insights into his mindset during that period.


Shortly after the split with Hallie, Hunter started dating Melissa Cohen and, within a matter of days, married her in May 2019. This rapid engagement and marriage echoed similar instances in Hunter’s past relationships, such as his previous relationship with Hallie, which began while he was still married to his first wife, Kathleen Buhle.

Despite their rapid union, Hunter and Melissa have faced some hurdles. Melissa’s initial response to their first planned meeting was lukewarm, seemingly standing him up before eventually agreeing to meet, leading to their whirlwind romance and marriage.

Moreover, Melissa Cohen’s past relationship with Rob Mendez was relatively recent when she met Hunter. Her ex-partner spoke positively about their time together, stating that they had an amicable split, but it’s indicated that her heart may not have been entirely healed from that relationship when she met Hunter.

Their families were seemingly left out of their wedding plans, with Hunter calling his father, President Joe Biden, only after the ceremony had taken place. Similarly, Melissa’s family reportedly hadn’t met Hunter before their marriage.

The scrutiny and federal investigations surrounding Hunter Biden, including his business dealings and financial matters, have allegedly strained their marriage. The pressures of these investigations, accompanied by the constant presence of security monitoring due to threats, have reportedly created stress in their relationship.

Hunter Biden’s controversial past, including a paternity case, alleged connections to a dating site for extramarital affairs, a leaked sex tape, and other controversies, has contributed to public interest and media coverage, adding layers of complexity to his relationship with Melissa Cohen.

Despite the challenges and controversies, Melissa Cohen has appeared to stand by Hunter through the difficulties. Her remarks to the media have been generally supportive of her husband, indicating a positive internal dynamic in their relationship.

However, reports have emerged about the couple’s departure from a rental property in Venice Beach, California, amid allegations of leaving the place in poor condition and owing significant rent.

Overall, their relationship has been marked by intense scrutiny, a rapid courtship, external pressures, and controversy, presenting challenges that may test the stability of their marriage in the long run.