Signs Brad Pitt And His Girlfriend Ines De Ramon Are Getting Serious!


Certainly! Brad Pitt’s romantic life post-Angelina Jolie’s high-profile divorce has been relatively low-key. His current relationship with Ines de Ramon, a jewelry executive, has been private but also seemingly meaningful.

Initially, Pitt and de Ramon’s relationship was perceived as casual, with reports indicating it wasn’t exclusive. However, as time progressed, it appeared that their connection was growing stronger. They’ve been together for almost a year and Pitt began referring to de Ramon as “my girlfriend,” marking a significant shift in their relationship status. Despite their public appearances together, the couple has maintained privacy, a conscious decision reflecting their respect for each other and their past commitments.

Ines de Ramon’s choice of sentimental jewelry—a necklace with a ‘B’ initial—suggests her affection for Pitt, indicating a deeper connection between them. Her reserved nature, reflected in her private Instagram account and reluctance to speak about her previous marriage to actor Paul Wesley, aligns with Pitt’s preference for privacy.


The couple’s commitment to keeping their relationship private is apparent, as they make efforts to spend time together amid their busy schedules. Pitt, known for his high-profile relationships in the past, values this discretion, given the public scrutiny he has faced previously.

Regarding their engagement with family and friends, reports are contradictory regarding whether de Ramon has met Pitt’s children. Some sources claim she has been introduced to some of his six children, while others suggest she hasn’t yet crossed that threshold. Pitt’s custody situation with Jolie and his desire for a lasting relationship before involving his kids could be influencing this decision.

Ultimately, Pitt and de Ramon seem invested in each other and committed to building a relationship that may go the distance, balancing their personal lives with a respectful level of privacy.