Sicario 3: Is It Happening?


The Sicario film series has been defined by the creative talents of directors like Denis Villeneuve (known for “Dune: Part Two”), Taylor Sheridan, who’s been a pivotal figure in the Yellowstone universe, and Stefano Sollima, responsible for “Without Remorse.” Both entries, especially the first, received widespread acclaim from critics worldwide. As the franchise gears up for Sicario 3, it appears the production is set to go even bigger, judging by the names associated with it.

In an interview, producers Molly Smith and Trent Luckinbill, while promoting their new movie “Reptile,” discussed the future of the Sicario franchise. They emphasized that it’s still early to determine who will take the directorial reins. While the script is nearly finalized, the plot remains a closely guarded secret, with the identity of the scriptwriter undisclosed. However, in terms of those involved in some capacity with the sequel, it’s evident that Sicario 3 is attracting some of the best talent. This includes Christopher McQuarrie, renowned for his work on Mission: Impossible, as Smith remarked:

“But we don’t know who’s going to direct yet. It’s all gonna be about timing. We’ve got obviously a wealth of great partners on it, everybody from Taylor Sheridan to Chris McQuarrie as a partner on it, but it’ll all be about the timing and what aligns with everyone’s schedule.”


While Christopher McQuarrie hasn’t been previously linked to the Sicario series, his commitments to the next Mission: Impossible installment might pose a scheduling challenge. Nevertheless, if the production is willing to accommodate, he could be an exceptional choice for both writing and directing the third Sicario film.

Regarding Taylor Sheridan’s involvement in ‘Sicario 3,’ the producers acknowledged his remarkable journey since the release of the first Sicario in 2015. The Academy Award nominee has now also established himself as a accomplished director. However, the main hurdle is his packed schedule due to his involvement in the expansive Yellowstone universe, which includes several spin-offs and an upcoming series featuring Matthew McConaughey.

Luckinbill pointed out that although Sheridan is deeply connected to the Sicario franchise, his current commitments might pose a challenge. Nonetheless, he assured that Sheridan remains closely tied to the project and will offer valuable input. In an ideal scenario, he might even be involved in the writing process:

“He is so busy, and he stays close to it, and will obviously have input, too. Then it’s just a question of when we get schedules lined up and all of that starting to have real conversations to see who’s available and who wants to do it. So certainly, I think everybody that’s ever been involved with this has stayed really close and has stayed fans of it. So, we’ll just push forward and see what lines up and who lines up in our window.”

Currently, we’re in a waiting game until the time is right to unveil who will be at the helm of Sicario 3. With the script nearing completion, the search for a director is likely to be one of the next priorities. As previously reported, Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, and Benicio Del Toro are all eager to reprise their roles in the sequel. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates on Sicario 3 as soon as they’re announced. For those interested, you can catch the first Sicario on Prime Video and Sicario: Day of the Soldado on Hulu in the U.S.