Should you refrigerate Avocados? How to store Avocados?


When it comes to storing avocados, the decision between placing them on the kitchen counter or in the fridge isn’t just a matter of personal preference—it’s a choice that can significantly impact their ripening process and shelf life. The moment you bring home these creamy green delights from the grocery store, you might ponder over where exactly to keep them.

The tendency to pop avocados into the fridge might arise from the hope of delaying their ripening process. However, if you’ve ever experienced the frustration of waiting eagerly for rock-hard avocados to ripen in the fridge, only to find them still stubbornly firm after days, then the fridge’s coolness might be the culprit.

The ripeness of your avocado and your intended consumption timeline should guide your decision to refrigerate or not.


When it’s about waiting for your avocados to ripen for that perfect guacamole or salad addition, the kitchen counter is their ideal spot. Avocados reach their peak ripeness when kept at room temperature, as this environment allows them to soften and ripen gradually.

However, if you’re dealing with a ripe avocado and have no immediate plans to enjoy it within the day or the next, refrigeration can help halt its ripening process. The refrigerator slows down the ripening, extending the shelf life of a ripe avocado for a few more days—typically around five days—before it gets overly ripe and ends up better suited for composting.

Here’s a guide on how to store avocados:

– Avocados that need to ripen should be left on the kitchen counter or placed in a fruit bowl at room temperature.
– Ripe avocados should be stored in the fridge, preferably in the crisper drawer, to maintain their freshness. When refrigerated, ripe avocados can last approximately up to a week.

For storing cut avocados, here are some additional tips:
– Squeeze lemon juice over the cut surface to prevent browning.
– Keep the pit in the avocado to shield the flesh from air exposure, which leads to browning.
– Wrap the cut avocado in plastic wrap or place it in an airtight food-safe container.
– Store it in the fridge and aim to consume it within a few days to retain its freshness.

By considering the ripeness of your avocados and your consumption plans, you can effectively choose the right storage method to ensure optimal ripening and freshness.