Shia LaBeouf’s Hair Transformation On Cannes Red Carpet Can’t Bleach His Tragic Reputation


At the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, Shia LaBeouf made a surprising appearance to promote his latest movie, “Megalopolis.” Adding to the shock, the “Holes” actor sported bleach blond hair. He walked the red carpet alongside his co-stars Adam Driver, Laurence Fishburne, and Aubrey Plaza, appearing upbeat despite his ongoing legal issues with FKA Twigs. This marked his first red carpet event since the 2020 Academy Awards.

Before “Megalopolis,” LaBeouf seemed to have been largely shunned by Hollywood due to his damaged reputation. Over his career, he had several arrests, including an incident at a Broadway “Cabaret” show and multiple charges for public drunkenness, according to Page Six. One of the most serious blows to his reputation came from FKA Twigs’ allegations of sexual battery, assault, and emotional abuse. As reported by The New York Times, the singer-songwriter sued LaBeouf in 2021, alleging that he once choked her at night and forced her into his car when she tried to flee from his violent behavior.

Unsurprisingly, LaBeouf’s return to Cannes sparked significant backlash. Many criticized the media and the festival for seemingly welcoming him back without regard for his past actions.


After being effectively blacklisted, Shia LaBeouf’s re-entry into the film industry has not been well-received by many. Access Hollywood announced his red carpet return after four years, prompting strong reactions online. One user on X (formerly Twitter) criticized the outlet, highlighting the severity of LaBeouf’s alleged abuse towards FKA Twigs and accusing it of ignoring the suffering of Black women. Another user questioned Cannes’ apparent pattern of welcoming men accused of abuse and sexual assault, drawing parallels to past controversies involving Johnny Depp and James Franco.

In a 2021 interview with Elle, FKA Twigs detailed her experience with LaBeouf’s alleged abuse, comparing it to a frog slowly boiling to death in heated water. She described her time with him as the most traumatic experience of her life, with recovery being incredibly challenging. LaBeouf, in a podcast interview with Jon Bernthal, acknowledged his actions indirectly, admitting he hurt Twigs and others in the process.