Shakira Avoids Jail Time by Settling Tax Fraud Case


Shakira has steered clear of a potential prison sentence due to her resolution of a tax fraud case that had been looming since 2018. The acclaimed singer of “Waka Waka” faced allegations of evading taxes amounting to $13 million by purportedly asserting residency in the Bahamas from 2012 to 2014 while residing in Spain and neglecting tax payments during that period.

Despite denying any involvement in the allegations, Shakira’s team maintained her consistent adherence to tax obligations in all countries she worked in, including the specified time frame. Upon learning about the tax fraud claims, she promptly reimbursed the owed amount. However, legal proceedings persisted, progressing to trial after a judge acknowledged sufficient evidence of criminality.

The trial posed the threat of imprisonment for Shakira, with prosecutors seeking an eight-year jail term alongside a fine. Fortunately, she managed to evade imprisonment by appearing in court and resolving the case swiftly. The ordeal culminated in a settlement reached in less than 10 minutes on November 20, where Shakira acknowledged six counts of failing to pay nearly $16 million in taxes. Under the settlement terms, she agreed to pay 7 million euros ($7.6 million) and received a three-year suspended sentence.


Shakira’s decision to settle was motivated by her children, Milan and Sasha, as she expressed in a statement. Despite her initial determination to fight the charges, she prioritized her kids’ well-being, opting to end the legal dispute. Her statement emphasized her desire to focus on her family and career rather than engage in a prolonged courtroom battle. Although she settled the case, Shakira reiterated her innocence and her commitment to being a positive role model. Ultimately, the settlement allowed her to avoid not only a protracted legal battle but also the looming threat of imprisonment.