Sexual violence against women on rise in Pakistan’s Lahore


The incidents of sexual violence against women in Lahore, Pakistan have witnessed a rise. According to Nai Baat, a Pakistani Urdu newspaper, at least 854 incidents took place in eleven months of this year and the Gender Crime Cell could not achieve any significant success in arresting the accused. According to police records, 711 incidents of sexual violence against women occurred in six divisions of Lahore during the eleven months of this year, said Nai Baat.

In cases of sexual violence against women, the Cant. Division ranks first with 241 cases, and the Sadar Division ranks second with 197 cases. Model Town Division was third with 139 incidents, Iqbal Town Division was fourth with 57 incidents, Civil Lines Division was fifth with 52 incidents and City Division was sixth with 45 incidents. City Division and Sadar Division ranked first and second with eight incidents of mass sexual violence against women and minor girls, respectively.

Model Town Division was third with six incidents; Iqbal Town Division was fourth with four incidents; Cant Division and Civil Lines Division were fifth and sixth with three incidents. In cases of sexual violence against young girls, Sadar Division ranks first with 30 cases. Cant. Division and Model Town Division are second and third, with 22 incidents each. Iqbal Town Division stood fourth with 20 incidents; the City Division stood fifth with 12 incidents; and the Civil Lines Division stood sixth with 5 incidents.


Earlier last week, villagers set ablaze the wheat shortage facility of a farmer who allowed his daughter to study and ride a motorcycle with her younger brothers to school in Ratodero town of Larkana district in Sindh province of Pakistan, The Express Tribune reported on Monday. It reported that the incident took place in Zangeja village, within the limits of Lashari police station on Sunday.

Aushaq Zangejo alleged that he was threatened by the villagers to stop his daughter Zainab Zangejo from riding the motorbike but he did not pay heed to their warnings. The girl told the local media that she goes to her high school in Ratodero on the bike and her confidence is disliked in the village.