Sex Education Season 4 Ending Explained!


In the concluding episode of Sex Education season 4, we find ourselves reuniting with Otis, Eric, Maeve, and the familiar faces of Moordale after a four-year journey marked by an alien musical, a shuttered school, and a plethora of intimate encounters.

Following Maeve’s departure to pursue a new life in America, the ex-Moordale students confront their most significant challenge yet: Cavendish College. This progressive institution boasts sustainability and even houses its own sex therapy clinic. However, fitting into this ultra-modern environment proves more demanding than the Moordale crew initially anticipates.

With an ensemble cast brimming with vitality, the final instalment of Sex Education season 4, widely regarded as one of the finest TV series of its time, must address numerous loose ends. Here’s a breakdown of the season’s concluding events.


Starting with Maeve, her return to Moordale after her mother’s tragic passing led to a committed relationship with Otis. She relinquished her American aspirations upon a discouraging assessment from her professor, Thomas Molloy. Yet, a heartfelt conversation with Jean prompted her to return to the States, resulting in her and Otis reluctantly parting ways.

Her return proves fortuitous, as she ultimately stands up to Molloy and receives a promising call from a publisher interested in her novel draft, “Southchester,” which Molloy had previously dismissed. They request more of her work, indicating a bright future for Maeve.

Meanwhile, at Cavendish, Cal, struggling with dysphoria, reaches a breaking point, contemplating a drastic step. The entire college unites in a search for Cal, who is eventually found and comforted by Eric and Jackson. The students decide to allocate the proceeds from the college’s annual fundraiser to cover Cal’s top surgery.

Jackson extends an olive branch of friendship to Cal, marking a turning point in their relationship. Additionally, Jackson learns the identity of his biological father, a married man with whom his mother had an affair. Despite initial rejection, Jackson gains the closure he sought. His friendship with Viv strengthens after she escapes an abusive relationship with Beau.

Jean’s sister, Joanna, initially intent on leaving Moordale, opens up about her teenage abuse on her radio show. This emotional conversation leads Joanna to return to the Milburn household, allowing baby Joy to finally meet their father, Dan.

Adam and Michael reconcile after seasons of discord, with Michael demonstrating genuine change. There’s a hint of a reunion between Michael and Maureen. Adam, after coming out as bisexual, arranges a date with his boss from his horse-riding apprenticeship.

With Maeve’s approval, Aimee and Isaac embark on a romance, and Aimee discovers a powerful story in her own journey of healing from assault through her photography.

In an expected turn of events, Otis and O face cancelation, leading to Connor’s victory in the student council elections. However, Connor declines the position, leading to Otis’ default win. This triggers a ‘Spartacus’-like scenario where Otis insists O is better suited. Initially met with hostility due to O’s past actions, Ruby’s heartfelt plea persuades the student body to reconsider.

Ruby’s vulnerability earns her acceptance into the popular Coven group. Otis extends friendship and an apology to Ruby, who, having found her own circle, declines. Nevertheless, Otis finds an ally in O, who invites him to co-run the clinic.

After a season of distance, Eric and Otis finally reconcile. Eric, who grappled with his faith, expresses his desire to become a pastor. The church, initially hesitant after Eric’s public revelation, seeks his assistance in fostering a more inclusive environment.

The series culminates much like it began, with Eric and Otis simply enjoying each other’s company. Otis stumbles upon a letter from Maeve, reflecting on their transformative impact on each other’s lives.

Sex Education concludes on a poignant note, illustrating the profound influence of these characters on one another’s journeys towards self-discovery and growth.