Severance Season 2 Release Date Speculation: When to expect the new season?


When will Severance season two be available? Would you be able to entirely separate your personal life from your job if you could? How does that appear? That’s exactly what Dan Erickson’s unsettling 2022 series, Severance, set out to investigate.

The biotech company Lumon Industries came up with a daring new treatment called Severance that would let its employees divide their life into two halves: the working self and the non-working self. With episodes helmed by Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle, it is also quickly becoming one of the finest TV shows Apple TV Plus has ever created. It served as the inspiration for the best sci-fi series of 2022.

Season 2 is coming, but it’s taking a while. When will the conflict between our heroes the “Innies” and “Outies” break out? Here is what we know about the release date for Severance season 2.



What is the Severance season 2 release date?

It appears that Severance season 2 won’t return until late 2024 as a result of the continuous Hollywood industry strikes.

Season 2 of Severance’s filming was halted on May 8 when employees joined the picket line in a walkout. Unfortunately, we believe that while the 2023 Writers Strike and Actors Strike are still going on, production is unlikely to start.

But there is some good news as well. One of the finest thriller series directors Ben Stiller has hinted that there could be even more to come after the second season.

“It has been a long road bringing Severance to television. I first read Dan’s pilot over five years ago,” Stiller said in a statement. “It has always been a multi-season story, and I’m really happy we get to continue it. I’m grateful to our partners at Apple TV Plus, who have been behind it the whole way.”

There isn’t a Severance season 2 trailer yet, but one should appear around the beginning of 2024.

Severance season 2 will only be available on Apple TV Plus when it debuts. Since the streaming provider prefers to release episodes in weekly increments, it is most likely how the episodes will be released.