Sergio Pérez’s Net Worth 2023!


What is Sergio Pérez’s Net Worth 2023? Sergio Pérez, known as “Checo” in the Formula 1 world, is a Mexican racing driver competing for Red Bull Racing. He’s considered one of the wealthiest racing car drivers globally, with an illustrious career spanning over 12 years in Formula 1. His strategic brilliance, excellent wheel management, and relentless attitude on the track have earned him widespread recognition.

Born on January 26, 1990, in Guadalajara, Mexico, Pérez started racing at six years old and rapidly ascended the ranks in karting championships, displaying exceptional talent. In 2003, he caught the attention of Escudería Telmex, owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú, marking the beginning of his professional racing journey.

His racing career evolved from the US-based Skip Barber National Championship in 2004 to European championships like the German Formula BMW ADAC series. Dominating the British Formula 3 Championship (National Class) in 2007 marked a pinnacle year for Pérez, winning numerous races and setting records.


Pérez made history by becoming the first Mexican since 1981 to compete in Formula 1, joining the Sauber team in 2011. Despite a challenging debut season, he secured three podium finishes for Sauber in 2012.

He later raced for McLaren, Force India (later Racing Point), and, finally, Red Bull Racing in 2021. Notably, he clinched his first F1 win at the Sakhir Grand Prix in Bahrain in 2020, becoming the first Mexican driver in 50 years to achieve this milestone.

His tenure with Red Bull Racing has been remarkable. Pérez secured wins at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in the ongoing 2023 season, accumulating six podium finishes out of 11 races by July 23, 2023. He has consistently supported and challenged Max Verstappen, the reigning F1 world champion, making Red Bull Racing a dominant force, winning the 2022 constructor’s championship and leading the 2023 season.

Throughout his F1 career, Pérez has earned 32 podium finishes and claimed victory in six Grand Prix races, showcasing his exceptional talent, strategic prowess, and competitive edge on multiple circuits.

His contribution to Red Bull Racing as Verstappen’s wingman and his own impressive performances make him a key figure in the Formula 1 landscape, with a rich history of accomplishments in the sport.


Sergio Perez Net Worth in 2023!

Indeed, there isn’t always a precise consensus on the net worth of individuals in the public eye due to various factors like diverse revenue streams, investments, and fluctuating valuations of assets. Sergio Pérez, being a Formula 1 driver, has a considerable net worth attributed to his racing career, endorsements, investments, and financial support from backers like Carlos Slim Helú.

Estimations of Pérez’s net worth range from $30 million to $50 million, reflecting his earnings, sponsorships, and investments made over his career. These figures are approximate and may vary depending on the source and the specific components considered while assessing his wealth.

Carlos Slim Helú, an influential figure in Pérez’s career, has been a significant financial supporter. Slim, with a net worth exceeding $100 billion, is one of the wealthiest individuals globally and has had a substantial impact on Pérez’s racing career through backing from companies like Escudería Telmex.

Pérez’s net worth is a combination of his earnings from racing, salary, endorsements, business ventures, and investments. His association with influential figures like Carlos Slim Helú has undoubtedly contributed to his financial stability and growth, placing him among the affluent individuals within the Formula 1 community.

For the 2023 season, Pérez receives a salary of $10 million, making him the joint sixth-highest earner in F1, tied with Valtteri Bottas from Alfa Romeo. He signed a two-year extension with Red Bull in May 2022, assuring his continued salary until the contract’s conclusion in 2024. In 2022, Pérez earned a performance bonus of $16 million due to his exceptional performance, bringing his total earnings to $26 million, positioning him as the fourth-highest earner in the season.

Escudería Telmex, owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helú, has been Pérez’s long-time backer and supporter. A leading insurance broker in Mexico, they’ve sponsored Pérez for 15 years and are a full-season partner with Red Bull Racing.
Pérez is the brand ambassador for this premium coffee type in Mexico, expressing shared values of excellence.
Pérez represents his home state internationally as a tourism ambassador, showcasing Jalisco’s culture and natural beauty.
He’s a partner and shareholder in this used car marketplace, which became a unicorn company with a valuation of over $4 billion. The tequila brand announced Pérez as its brand ambassador, emphasizing innovation and pride for their country.

Pérez owns a collection of luxury and high-performance cars, including McLarens, a Bugatti Chiron, Porsche Panamera, BMW X7, and a first-generation Honda NSX, among others. His luxury condominium in Puerto Vallarta offers picturesque views of the sea and mountains, featuring amenities like a personal gym.

Founded by Pérez and his family in 2012, the foundation supports orphans, children with cancer, and those affected by natural disasters. It constructs shelters, carries out programs for underprivileged children, and aids earthquake victims in Mexico.

Overall, Pérez’s financial success in F1, coupled with diverse endorsements and smart investments, has contributed to his significant net worth, estimated to range between $30 million to $50 million, although there’s no exact confirmation on this figure. His philanthropic efforts also reflect his commitment to giving back to the community and supporting those in need.