Sergio Carrallo, Caroline Stanbury’s Husband, Shows Emotion Over Her Facelift Surgery


Page Six recounted a deeply emotional moment captured by Carrallo, 29, who inadvertently recorded himself entering his wife Caroline Stanbury’s room post-operation. Stanbury, a star on “Real Housewives of Dubai,” underwent a transformative procedure, leaving her husband visibly emotional and overwhelmed upon seeing her condition. Carrallo posted a reel on Instagram showcasing the poignant moments, admitting he hadn’t intended to record the encounter.

The footage revealed Stanbury, 47, swathed in bandages, delicately walking toward a car, prompting Carrallo’s teary response as he expressed his profound love for her. Subsequent scenes detailed Stanbury’s recovery, including fluid drainage and the removal of stitches and staples, culminating in her almost-healed appearance two weeks post-surgery. She praised the work of her plastic surgeon, Dr. Steve S. Kim, noting the remarkable healing process.

Carrallo described seeing Stanbury in bandages as one of the most challenging moments of his life, emphasizing his unwavering support for her despite his initial reservations. In a heartfelt Instagram caption, he commended Stanbury’s strength throughout her recovery, expressing pride in her and playfully remarking about now being the older one in their relationship.


However, the public response to the video was largely critical, with some expressing distaste for the emotional display over elective surgery. Comments accused the couple of prioritizing superficial procedures and vanity over more significant issues faced by others, leading to mixed reactions from social media users.

Regarding the potential inclusion of Stanbury’s surgery in Season 2 of “RHODubai,” no official confirmation has been made. BravoCon 2023 attendees reportedly previewed the first episode of the upcoming season, which is anticipated to air in 2024, although an exact release date remains unconfirmed, according to Page Six’s report.