Serbia police fire tear gas as opposition backed protestors demand election annulled


Riot police in Serbia had to fire tear gas and pepper spray at opposition supporters as they demanded annulment of elections marred by claims of wide-spread fraud.

Hundreds of protestors attempted to storm Belgrade City Hall on Sunday evening during demonstration against the results of parliamentary and local elections on December 17, which international observers say were marred by vote buying, ballot stuffing and the improper influence of President Aleksandar Vucic.

The protestors, who could be heard shouting slangs, “Vucic is Putin” and “Vucic thief”, used flagpoles and rocks to break windows as they tired to break into the capital’s administrative building, but were repelled by the police.


Vucic’s ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) were returned to power with a parliamentary majority after winning nearly 47 per cent of the votes, according to preliminary results announced by electoral authorities.

The centre-left opposition alliance Serbia Against Violence received 23.56 per cent of vote, while Socialist Party of Serbia received 6.56 per cent, according to electoral authorities.

Serbia Against Violence has claimed itself to be the rightful winner, especially in Belgrade, where there were reports of non-residents being recruited to vote.