Sennheiser introduces new soundbar series for immersive home theater experience


Renowned audio solutions provider Sennheiser has expanded its product range with the introduction of a new soundbar series designed to elevate the home entertainment experience. The latest lineup includes the Ambeo Soundbar Plus and the Ambeo Sub, both aimed at delivering immersive sound quality and cinematic audio.

At the forefront of this launch is the Ambeo Soundbar Plus, recognized as the world’s first standalone 7.1.4. soundbar. With a more compact design compared to its counterpart, the Ambeo Soundbar Max, the Ambeo Soundbar Plus promises to transform home theaters into immersive soundscapes. This innovation is fueled by Sennheiser’s collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, resulting in cutting-edge 3D sound technology.

The Ambeo Soundbar Plus boasts an advanced Ambeo Self-Calibration feature that assesses a room’s acoustic characteristics and positions its seven virtual speakers around the listener, supplemented by an additional four overhead speakers. This intelligent calibration facilitates the projection of sound from every corner of the room, replicating the depth and impact of a cinema experience without the need for cumbersome cables or satellite speakers.


This versatile soundbar extends its capabilities to music playback as well. It automatically adjusts its audio output to match the content being played, ensuring optimal sound quality for various media types. Users can also fine-tune their listening experience with customizable presets, an equalizer, and other features accessible through the Smart Control App.

Sennheiser’s Ambeo Soundbar Plus is set to redefine home audio entertainment by delivering a captivating and encompassing soundstage, enhancing movie nights, gaming sessions, and music enjoyment. This innovation marks a significant step forward in the realm of immersive sound technology.