Senator Schumer and Speaker McCarthy agree over temporary funding bill for government to avoid shutdown


The leader of the majority, Senator Chuck Schumer, stated on Wednesday that he agreed with speaker Kevin McCarthy over their discussion of the need of passing a temporary bill to fund the government. He added that the bill is necessary in order to keep the government funded throughout the December and pave off any possibility of an impending government on October 1.

The Senator’s comment also served as an acknowledgement that the Congress is still far from reaching an agreement that would decide the spending levels to fund the government.

“Speaker McCarthy and I met a few weeks back, and we agreed we should do… a congressional resolution where you just extend the existing funding for a few months so we could work this out,” stated Schumer on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.


He was referring to a temporary spending measure, which is to be carried out ahead of the 12 bills which are yet to be passed to fund the government. The motive behind the temporary bill is to give the lawmakers extended time to finalise the other bills and to avoid a complete shutdown. The bills clears the Senate Appropriations Committee last month on bipartisan basis, in one of the smoothest process in recent years.

The Senator was appearing on the TV show as a part of planned victory lap as President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act marks one-year anniversary.