Senate GOP divided over Jim Jordan and Kevin Scalise in race for Speaker of House


The race for House Speaker is dividing Senate Republicans, reflecting the broader division in the GOP between traditional and MAGA-aligned conservatives.

Many of the mainstream Republicans are quietly rooting for House Majority Leader Steve Scalise over Rep. Jim Jordan. They wish for the former to be placed in the post as soon as possible to quell voters’ concerns regarding the capability of Republicans of governing.

On Saturday, Rep. Kevin Hern, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, dropped out from the race of speaker.


Lawmakers who want Scalise to be the next speaker think that he would have flourishing working relationship with Senator Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, and could do a better job finessing must pass bills through the House.

Many Republicans senators are also cautious of Jordan leading the House impeachment inquiry with House Oversight Committee Chairman Jim Comer, as it is something  they consider as bad political move ahead of 2024 elections.

They have also been warned that impeachment is a “political loser” and the Republicans are better off discussing border security, economy, and crime. However, the Senate Republicans who have aligned themselves with former president Donald Trump must favor Jordan for party establishment in Washington.

Trump endorsed Jordan for Speaker on Friday, after he was suggested to serve the position on temporary basis.