Secrets Jada Pinkett Smith Tried To Hide!


In an alternative life, Jada Pinkett Smith envisioned herself as an attorney. At the age of 18, having already graduated in the arts, she embarked on a journey to the North Carolina School of the Arts. It was during this time that the allure of Hollywood beckoned, and Jada, influenced by her friend Tupac Shakur, made the pivotal decision to try her luck in California. Reflecting on this choice in a podcast interview with Jay Shetty in October 2023, she recounted the conversation with her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, who encouraged her to pursue the Tinseltown dream.

Jada’s foray into acting commenced with her role as Beverly in the Fox sitcom “True Colors.” However, her breakthrough came in the early ’90s when she portrayed the character Lena James in “A Different World,” following a series of brief television appearances.

Despite anticipating that fame and wealth would bring her happiness, Jada found herself unfulfilled. She sought solace in a farm she purchased in her hometown of Baltimore, intending to live a life away from the glaring spotlight. Yet, destiny had other plans. It was a call from Will Smith, asking her to be his girlfriend, that redirected her path. Without spending a single night on her Baltimore farm, Jada and Will together forged an entertainment empire.


Jada’s early life was intertwined with the pervasive presence of drugs. Raised in a milieu where her mother grappled with heroin addiction, and the streets were fraught with narcotics, Jada found herself involved in dealing drugs as a means of self-sustenance. Her intent was never to use, but rather to attain independence and self-reliance. This period of her life, though financially necessary, was fraught with danger and regrets.

One significant figure in Jada’s life during this tumultuous time was Tupac Shakur. While she was ready to leave this life behind, Shakur was just beginning his involvement. Jada’s resilience and street smarts from her past dealings became invaluable tools for her survival in the cutthroat entertainment industry of Los Angeles.

Upon her arrival in Los Angeles, Jada Pinkett Smith was no stranger to the party scene. She frequently indulged in a mixture of ecstasy, alcohol, and marijuana, believing she wouldn’t develop an addiction. However, her tolerance levels escalated, and she occasionally found herself in precarious situations. One such instance occurred on the set of “The Nutty Professor” in 1996 when she passed out in the makeup trailer due to a potent batch of ecstasy. Despite this scare, she continued down a self-destructive path, later substituting hard liquor for red wine. This escalated to a point where she recognized she had a problem and subsequently made a conscious effort to change her habits.

For nearly two decades, Jada Pinkett Smith and Gabrielle Union experienced a strained relationship. While they maintained a veneer of civility in public, there was underlying tension that neither could pinpoint. However, in a candid conversation on “Red Table Talk,” Jada and Gabrielle addressed this longstanding issue and took steps towards reconciliation. This pivotal conversation helped alleviate the unspoken tension and marked a turning point in their relationship.

In her early twenties, Jada Pinkett Smith grappled with a profound emotional crisis that led to thoughts of suicide. Overwhelmed by intense emotions, she reached out to her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and her friend MC Lyte, who provided crucial support during this distressing period. This experience prompted Jada to confront her inner turmoil and seek a path towards healing.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s connection to Scientology has been a subject of speculation for years. While she acknowledges her visits to the Church of Scientology, she clarifies that she never identified as a Scientologist. Her exploration of various religions was encouraged by her grandmother, emphasizing an open-minded approach to spirituality. This revelation sheds light on her nuanced relationship with religion and dispels lingering rumors.

Growing up, Jada Pinkett Smith faced discrimination and challenges related to colorism. She was ridiculed for her light skin tone and received conflicting advice about how to navigate her racial identity. These experiences led her to develop her own biases, particularly towards blonde women. Jada openly acknowledges these biases, recognizing the importance of self-reflection and growth in addressing them.

In a surprising revelation, Jada Pinkett Smith disclosed her informal separation from Will Smith since 2016. While the couple publicly presented themselves as a united front, they had been leading separate lives for years. This candid admission provided a new perspective on their public appearances and shed light on the complexities of their relationship.

The entanglement between Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina became a publicized event in 2020. Their connection began with a genuine concern for August’s well-being, as he was struggling with addiction. Jada and Will Smith sought to support him in his journey towards recovery. Jada’s openness about this entanglement allowed for a deeper understanding of the dynamics between the three individuals involved.

The revelation of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith’s separation adds a layer of complexity to the infamous 2022 Oscars incident. Will’s passionate defense of Jada in response to an insensitive joke took on a new significance in light of their separate lives. This revelation also brings to light past interactions with comedian Chris Rock, who had allegedly asked Jada out on a date in the midst of false divorce reports.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s life has been marked by a series of transformative experiences, from her early aspirations as an attorney to her journey through Hollywood and the challenges she faced along the way. Her willingness to share her vulnerabilities and growth serves as a testament to her resilience and determination to live authentically.