Season 19 of Apex Legends Unearths a Clever Conduit Easter Egg, Delighting Players!


Season 19 of Apex Legends excites all of us, let’s unpack what they have in store for us!

In the latest update for Apex Legends, players stumbled upon a delightful Easter egg involving the newly introduced Legend, Conduit. This shield healer, hailing from the Philippines, made her debut in Season 19 “Ignite” and has quickly become a standout addition to the game’s roster.

Conduit’s unique abilities are tied to the salvaged battery of a fallen Monarch Titan in her hometown. With this, she can provide crucial shields to her allies and deploy shield-jamming devices to impede and harm adversaries. Additionally, Conduit gains a burst of speed when rushing towards her teammates, a valuable asset for timely revivals.

Beyond her prowess as a support character, Conduit is an avid follower of the Apex Games, meticulously studying her fellow Legends. In fact, she playfully mimics their distinctive quirks and behaviors as part of her introduction before each match. This charming Easter egg was recently discovered by observant Apex Legends players, with Conduit flawlessly impersonating Loba, complete with a staff in hand, as shared by Reddit user ScottyT_180. Meanwhile, Twitter user Gyro_Vll captured Conduit’s uncanny imitation of Newcastle.

Conduit’s amusing antics have garnered widespread appreciation from the Apex Legends community. Many fans have also pointed out her clever references to voice lines from other Legends like Horizon and Vantage. It’s highly likely that there are more hidden gems waiting to be unearthed, further incentivizing players to explore Conduit’s character and abilities.

The cinematic “For Us, Utang na Loob” provided a glimpse into Conduit’s deep-seated fascination with the Apex Games. The short film showcased her and her family eagerly tuning in to the tournament, bonding over a shared meal while immersed in the excitement.

As a new addition to the roster, Conduit has the potential to shake up the meta in both casual lobbies and the competitive esports scene. Her vivacious and positive demeanor resonates with many fans, providing a refreshing contrast within the world of Apex Legends. Trailers have hinted at her dynamic rapport with her teammates, leaving players eager to witness her role in the broader narrative of the Apex Legends universe.