Score Big Savings at Blizzard’s Holiday Sale: Discounts on BlizzCon Collection, Games, and More


Blizzard is wrapping up 2023 with its annual Holiday Sale on the store, offering substantial discounts of up to 67% on select digital items across various Blizzard franchises. This sale, running until January 1, encompasses games, services, and cosmetics from titles like World of Warcraft, Overwatch 2, and more.

The Holiday Sale, known for its impressive discounts, is a significant event in Blizzard’s yearly calendar. Among its various sales, the Holiday Sale stands out, offering attractive discounts for Christmas and end-of-the-year festivities.

Marking the end of a productive year, the 2023 Holiday Sale from Blizzard features substantial discounts on games across several franchises. Titles from Call of Duty, StarCraft, and Diablo, including the highly anticipated Diablo 4, are available at steep discounts. Additionally, the BlizzCon 2023 collection, also discounted at 20%, allows players to grab items before they are retired from the shop. Notably, World of Warcraft presents an array of deals, including discounted cosmetics, game services, and Collector’s Edition items from Shadowlands and Dragonflight.


Highlights of the Holiday Sale 2023 include:

World of Warcraft:
– New Azure Pack cosmetic bundle: $81 (-68%)
– Various game services for retail and Classic WoW: discounts up to 30%
– WoW Pets, Mounts, and Transmog Ensembles: discounts up to 50%
– Warcraft 3: Reforged: $15 (-50%)

Call of Duty:
– Various titles including Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and Black Ops 4: $20 (-67%)
– Modern Warfare 3: $49 (-30%)
– Modern Warfare 2 & Vanguard: $35 and $30 (-50%)

– Diablo 4: $42 (-40%)
– Diablo 3: Eternal Collection: $20 (-50%)
– Diablo 2: Resurrected: $13 (-67%)

Overwatch 2:
– Invasion Bundle, Hero Collection, and Complete Hero Collection: discounts up to 50% to 80%

– StarCraft 3 and Digital Deluxe: discounts up to 82% and 67% respectively
– StarCraft Remastered: $7.50 (-50%)

Other special deals encompass bundles like the Diablo Collection, featuring multiple Diablo titles at a price lower than Diablo 4’s base retail price. Additionally, Hearthstone introduces the Winter Veil bundle, including packs and themed skins.

This Holiday Sale is likely the final one for 2023, with potential sales expected for Valentine’s Day, a Spring Sale in April, and a Summer Sale in June or July of 2024. With 2024 poised to be significant for Blizzard’s games, including milestone celebrations for franchises like Warcraft, fans may want to seize the opportunity to grab discounted cosmetics and services to gear up for the forthcoming updates and festivities.