Scaling Up EV Charging Infrastructure for Freight Trucks in the US

Einride and Voltera Collaborate to Establish Major EV Charging Station Near Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach


The U.S. market is making progress in transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) and providing zero-emission transportation, with the recent opening of the country’s first major EV charging station for trucks.

Linwood Smart Charging Station is located near the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Led by Sweden-based Einride and electric vehicle charging company Voltera, the initiative aims to support the transition to digital, electric freight transport, with global shipping leader AP Moller-Maersk among the first beneficiaries.

Constructing this charging station is an important step in creating infrastructure for sustainable transportation, as the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach handle nearly one-third of ocean freight traffic in the United States.


Einride has played a key role in the adoption of electric vehicles by operating one of the largest fleets of heavy-duty trucks. Working with Voltera, the Lynwood Smart Charging Station will be licensed, built, operated and operated within 18 months.

While California currently leads the way in electric vehicle charging for trucks, plans for efforts in the West and East are also expanding Logistics company NFI partners with Electrify America and Southern California Edison to build a large power plant to power trucks He also announced that he established

Knowing the limitations of electric vehicle batteries in terms of diversity remains important in short-term transportation, especially around ports and intermodal logistics facilities.

Despite the huge challenges in developing an electric vehicle charging system for trucks, experts admit that the road is still in its early stages. California’s approach to incentives and incentives and regulations to achieve zero emissions by 2040 play an important role in increasing investment in electric vehicles.

Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency will mandate that future emissions standards for midsize electric vehicles and heavy-duty trucks be accelerated compared to the use of other technologies, including electric vehicles.

As product-based companies strive to achieve zero emissions, initiatives such as the Lynwood Smart Charging Station are an important part of the solution. A general shift towards sustainable transport.