Saudi Crown Prince indicate Israel normalisation talks could continue post Hamas conflict: The White House


U.S. President Joe Biden and Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman agreed to resume the U.S. brokered negotiations that had been underway to normalise ties between Saudi and Israel, before the breakout of the Gaza war, the White House said after the two leaders spoke on Tuesday.

The president and the crown prince spoke on the importance of “working toward a sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians as soon as the crisis subsidies.”

The Biden administration have acknowledged that their priorities have changed as currently they are working with Israeli government to deal with the Hamas attack launched on October 7. However, the White House has insisted that it is still committed to the goal and has also suggested that one of the reasons that motivated the Hamas militants to attack Israel was to hamper this negotiation.


According to the readout released by the White House, Biden, but more notable bin Salman as well, “welcomed ongoing efforts to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas and called off their immediate release.”

The two leaders also welcomed the recent delivery of humanitarian aid in the besieged Gaza while recognising the need for additional assistance.