Satechi unveils dual dock stand: A cutting-edge laptop docking station with NVMe SSD storage


Satechi, a reputable name in crafting professional-grade accessories, has once again demonstrated its innovation prowess with the debut of the Dual Dock Stand. This laptop docking station, renowned for its versatility and efficiency, introduces a new level of convenience for users. The hallmark of this docking station is its incorporation of NVMe SSD storage, making it a standout choice in the market. The Dual Dock Stand is now available at a competitive price of $150.

Modern technology takes center stage with the Dual Dock Stand, featuring a robust set of capabilities. With the inclusion of two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort, users can elevate their screen real estate to an impressive 4K/60Hz resolution. This docking station extends the possibilities by enabling the connection of two monitors in extended mode. Users have the flexibility to employ two HDMI ports or a combination of one DisplayPort and one HDMI connection to achieve this extended display setup.

For those seeking this innovative accessory, the Satechi Dual Dock Stand is conveniently accessible on, priced at $149.99. To add a touch of exclusivity, Satechi offers a limited-time discount of 20% off using the code NVME20, available until August 24th, 2023.


Among the standout features of the Dual Dock Stand is its ability to provide uninterrupted power to MacBooks through a dedicated USB-C power port. This offering comes with a robust 75W power delivery capability, ensuring that users’ devices remain consistently powered and ready for any task at hand.

Satechi’s latest creation, the Dual Dock Stand, redefines convenience and productivity in the realm of laptop docking stations. With its integration of NVMe SSD storage and an array of cutting-edge features, it’s set to be a game-changer for professionals seeking enhanced connectivity and efficient multitasking capabilities.