Santa Monica Pier’s Ferris Wheel Glows in Tribute to Kobe Bryant’s Legacy


The Santa Monica Pier is set to honor the enduring legacy of Kobe Bryant by illuminating its iconic Ferris wheel with the vibrant hues of the Los Angeles Lakers’ Purple & Gold colors.

Kobe Bryant, the esteemed Los Angeles Lakers legend, continues to be celebrated for his impact on the world of basketball and beyond. This Thursday, the Santa Monica Pier will pay tribute to his indelible memory through a touching display of lights that capture the essence of his iconic career.

The centerpiece of this heartfelt gesture is the 90-foot Ferris wheel, a beloved landmark that holds a special place in the hearts of Santa Monica residents and visitors alike. It will be aglow with the classic Lakers’ colors, transitioning between the legendary player’s two iconic jersey numbers, 8 and 24. This dynamic illumination will serve as a visual ode to the different stages of Kobe Bryant’s remarkable journey in the sport.


The tribute, scheduled to commence at 7:30 pm, will continue its luminous display until midnight on August 24th. This date is not only chosen in honor of Kobe Bryant Day but also holds significance as the day following his birthday on August 23rd. The convergence of these dates aligns perfectly with the jerseys’ numbers that Bryant wore during his illustrious career.

This poignant celebration is not limited to illuminating the Ferris wheel with Lakers’ colors alone. It is expected to encapsulate some of the most iconic and cherished moments from Kobe Bryant’s extraordinary basketball career. As fans gather to witness this luminous tribute, they will be reminded of the relentless spirit, dedication, and sportsmanship that defined Bryant’s time on the court.

Zach Armstrong, a representative from the Santa Monica Mirror, shared insights into the tribute’s intentions, emphasizing that it seeks to capture not only the visual essence of Kobe Bryant but also the profound impact he had on the basketball world. Through this display of lights, the Santa Monica Pier and the entire community pay homage to a sports icon whose legacy continues to inspire and uplift generations.