Samuel L. Jackson Recounts His Toughest Stunt from a Christmas Movie


Samuel L. Jackson, renowned for his diverse acting career spanning Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and leading roles in top-notch action films, has certainly ventured into some audacious stunt work throughout his illustrious career. Surprisingly, though, his most intense and daring stunt wasn’t in any of those blockbuster franchises but in a lesser-known ’90s Christmas movie called “The Long Kiss Goodnight.”

Despite the physically demanding scenes as MCU’s Nick Fury and lightsaber duels as Star Wars’ Mace Windu, Jackson singled out a scene from “The Long Kiss Goodnight” during an appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show. In this spy thriller, there’s a sequence where Jackson and co-star Geena Davis leap out of a window, shoot at the ice below with a machine gun, and land in freezing cold water to escape peril.

Describing the challenges of filming this daring stunt, Jackson recalled the extreme conditions they faced. “It was -37 degrees that day. They cut a hole in the ice and they put a hot tub in it to make sure we didn’t float away because there was a current in the lake.” He elaborated on the meticulous process, mentioning the constant need to break the ice between shots to ensure a clear space for their entrance.


Detailing the actual stunt, Jackson recounted, “They told us to count to five, and we would come up. Then we’d crawl across the ice, and they’d put us in a hot tub while they looked at the replay.” Despite the controlled environment, the experience was grueling. “We did it five times,” he remarked. “I have never felt anything like that in my life. You know that headache you get when you drink milk too fast? Multiply that by 20. Oh, Lord! My brain was like, ‘What are we doing?!'”

The extreme cold and repetitive plunges into icy waters made this particular stunt in “The Long Kiss Goodnight” stand out as the most physically intense and memorable experience for Samuel L. Jackson, surpassing even the demanding action scenes from his more widely recognized roles in major film franchises.