Samsung’s Freestyle Gen 2 projector morphs into a portable cloud gaming solution


Samsung has elevated its Freestyle projector innovation with the introduction of the Freestyle Gen 2, a portable device tailored for cloud gaming, offering an impressive high-definition screen experience of up to 100 inches without the need for cumbersome physical screens.

At the heart of the Freestyle Gen 2’s capabilities lies its seamless integration with Samsung’s Gaming Hub, a gateway to a diverse selection of cloud gaming applications such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia’s Geforce Now, and Amazon Luna. This familiar gaming hub, seen on recent Samsung Smart TVs, facilitates effortless compatibility with Bluetooth controllers and corresponding service subscriptions.

With output quality set at 1080p and a 60Hz refresh rate, the projector’s specifications are thoughtfully designed for cloud gaming performance. Adaptable screen dimensions ranging from 30 to 100 inches cater to varying projection surfaces. Beyond its gaming prowess, the device also encompasses a wide array of Samsung smart TV applications including Hulu and Netflix, accommodating diverse entertainment preferences.


Featuring a peak brightness of 230 ANSI Lumen for its 1080p projection, the Freestyle Gen 2 excels in moderately dim environments, possibly necessitating blackout curtains for optimal visual impact. Equipped with a micro-HDMI port, it allows connectivity to laptops or consoles, although adapters might be required for seamless connections. The projector’s ‘Easy Setup’ functionality aims to simplify usage by automating leveling, focus adjustment, and picture optimization—a boon for users navigating the complexities of configuring gaming projectors.