Sabrina Carpenter Discusses Touring with Taylor Swift, Achieving ‘Nonsense’ Success, and Controversy: ‘Jesus Was a Carpenter


Sabrina Carpenter, known for her role in the Disney Channel series “Girl Meets World,” reflects on her recent album “Emails I Can’t Send,” describing it as a pivotal point in her career, marking a shift toward a more mature, authentic expression of her artistry. This album, which she later repackaged as “Emails I Can’t Send Fwd,” was her first major work after parting ways with Disney-owned Hollywood Records and signing with Island Records, granting her creative freedom.

The transition to Island Records allowed Carpenter to create the album she had always envisioned, citing restrictions and lack of perspective as barriers during her earlier years. She mentions facing “political reasons” that restricted her artistic freedom previously. With this newfound creative liberty, she delved deeper into her songwriting, collaborating with select artists like Julia Michaels, JP Saxe, and Leroy Clampitt, resulting in songs like “Fast Times” and “Tornado Warning,” exploring themes of heartbreak and personal experiences in a conversational yet soulful manner.

Carpenter infuses her music with a blend of seriousness and humor, often employing a comedic lens to narrate weighty subjects, which she credits as a healing component in her life. Her approach to music extends to her live performances, where she customizes song lyrics to reflect the cities she performs in, demonstrating her playful and engaging stage presence.


While her artistry has evolved, Carpenter hasn’t shied away from controversy, notably with the music video shoot for “Feather” in a Brooklyn Catholic church. Despite any resulting backlash, she remains unapologetically true to her creative vision, acknowledging that such incidents have contributed to her transition from her Disney past to her current musical identity.

Looking ahead, Carpenter continues her creative journey, having released a holiday EP and planning to unveil more music. She acknowledges the unexpected success of her songs on tour, expressing gratitude for the audience’s reception and the evolution of her music’s impact on listeners.

As she embraces this reinvention phase in her career, Carpenter remains amazed by the resonance her music has found among audiences, highlighting her ongoing growth as an artist and the varied ways in which her songs connect with people.