Ryan Gosling drops ‘KEN: THE EP’ showcasing four versions of ‘I’m Just Ken’


In a surprising and delightful turn of events, actor Ryan Gosling, known for his role as Ken in the fantasy comedy film “Barbie,” has collaborated with writer-producer Mark Ronson to release a four-track EP titled “Ken The EP.” This EP includes a holiday-themed version of the popular song “I’m Just Ken,” now transformed into “I’m Just Ken (Merry Kristmas Barbie),” along with an unplugged version, an acoustic rendition titled “I’m Just Ken – In My Feelings Acoustic,” and a dance remix named “I’m Just Ken – Purple Disco Machine Remix.” The EP is available on various platforms, including Spotify.

The EP’s release coincided with a humorous music video posted by Atlantic Records featuring Gosling performing the Christmas-themed song “Merry Kristmas Barbie.” Gosling’s charismatic presence and infectious energy in the music video have captivated fans, leading to widespread viral success and positive reception from viewers.


Fans have flooded the internet with comments expressing their enjoyment of the comedic-filled songs and praising Gosling’s unexpected vocal talents. Some even humorously suggested that Gosling deserves an Oscar for his performance. The EP’s playful take on a holiday-themed version of the catchy tune has resonated widely with audiences.

Mark Ronson shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, detailing the creation of the tracks and praising Gosling’s exceptional vocal delivery during the recording process. He expressed his excitement about working with Gosling, emphasizing the actor’s impressive abilities and dedication to the song. Ronson also mentioned their collaboration and shared aspirations to perform the song live, highlighting the journey and creative process behind the holiday-themed version of “I’m Just Ken.”

The film “Barbie,” directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, has received critical acclaim and commercial success. It is the first live-action adaptation of the Barbie franchise, earning accolades for its direction, performances, and box office success. The movie’s release has led to a cultural phenomenon known as “Barbenheimer” and has received numerous nominations and awards, solidifying its place as a standout film of 2023.