Ryan Day’s Sole Focus: Ohio State’s Priority Is Defeating Michigan in 2024


Ohio State coach Ryan Day finds himself grappling with an internal quandary after yet another defeat to Michigan in The Game, the year-round rivalry that defines the careers of coaches at both universities.

Michigan’s 30-24 victory over Ohio State marked the Buckeyes’ third consecutive loss to the Wolverines, an unprecedented streak since 1995-97. For Day, who now holds a 1-3 record against Michigan, this loss stands as a critical juncture in Columbus. It was a familiar narrative, one that was expected to change after prior losses in 2021 and 2022.

In response to past losses, the Buckeyes underwent transformations, including the hiring of defensive coordinator Jim Knowles. Yet, despite these changes, they faced another setback against Michigan. In the aftermath of the in-person scouting controversy surrounding Michigan’s previous victories, this defeat lacks any mitigating circumstances.


The bitter reality is that the Wolverines were marginally better in a game where small margins define outcomes – where running the football, turnovers, and strategic coaching decisions make all the difference. With Michigan securing a path to the Big Ten championship and potentially a third consecutive College Football Playoff appearance, Ohio State’s chances for a playoff spot appear slim this season.

This loss will reverberate in Columbus for the next year. Coach Day expressed his disappointment, admitting to feeling sick about falling short in a game they had prepared for all year.

Day’s decisions in critical moments of the game are under scrutiny. The choice to punt on fourth-and-1 and settle for a long field goal before halftime are now subjects of debate. These decisions allowed Michigan to seize momentum and make crucial conversions, ultimately impacting the game’s outcome.

Despite Ohio State’s efforts to equalize the game, Michigan’s dominance in rushing yards and the turnover battle tilted the scales in their favor. The Wolverines’ zero turnovers contrasted with Ohio State’s two interceptions, underscoring the significance of these factors in determining the winner.

Looking ahead, Ohio State has a year to rectify these deficiencies. However, Michigan has emerged as a formidable adversary, marking a departure from Ohio State’s historical dominance in the rivalry.

Coach Day’s record against Michigan, compounded by struggles against top-five teams, puts a spotlight on his ability to address this challenge. His 56-7 overall record with Ohio State notwithstanding, his performance against Michigan carries greater weight.

While speculations about a possible move to Texas A&M have surfaced, it’s improbable given Day’s standing at Ohio State. He remains the coach most likely to secure a national title, given the resources and talent available in Columbus.

However, Day must resolve the Michigan conundrum in 2024 to evade comparisons to past coaches who faced similar issues. John Cooper’s struggles against Michigan served as a cautionary tale. The pressure for Day to overcome this obstacle looms large, especially considering the potential for detrimental narratives if the trend persists.

Looking ahead, the uncertainty surrounding Michigan’s future or changes in the landscape might offer a glimmer of hope for Ohio State. Still, the hard truth remains—Ohio State needs to rewrite the narrative on the field against Michigan to reclaim their dominance in The Game. The missed opportunity at the Big House in the spotlight of the year’s biggest stage will necessitate a defining response from Ohio State.

Should the Buckeyes fail to alter the outcome against Michigan in 2024, the conversation surrounding Coach Day will likely take an unwelcome turn in Columbus—a prospect that no one in the Ohio State camp wishes to contemplate at this moment.