Russia claims to foil at least 20 drone over attack on Moscow and other regions


Russia has foiled at least 20 drones attacks over the past day, including on capital Moscow, as per officials on Sunday. The claims comes a day after it launched a biggest drone attack on Kyiv, termed as the largest drone attack since the beginning of Ukraine’s invasion.

As per the reports by Russia’s Ministry of Defense, 11 drones were destroyed over the territories of Moscow, Bryansk, Kaluga, and Tuga oblasts over Saturday night. It added that later on Sunday night, nine more drones were downed in the same region.

Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin said there were no injuries or damage as a result of the wreckage.


However, one person has received a minor injury, which was due to the drone crashing into one of the apartment buildings, resulting in damage to windows and one person received a slight cut, according to Tula governor, Alexey Dyumin.

The attack had damaged the power system, due to which some parts of the region remained in dark over night, as per the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Russian backed head, Denis Pushilin.

“The situation is difficult,” said Pushilin on Telegram, as he added that work is underway to return the head and light for the citizens as soon as possible.