Russia acknowledges Ukrainian attack destroying its warship in Crimea


Russia has confirmed the reports of Ukrainian attack which damaged its warship in the occupied Crimean port of Feodosia in what is described as a major setback on Russia’s part by Ukraine and its western allies.

Ukraine’s air force earlier said that it had “destroyed” the Novocherkassk landing ship, with president Volodymyr Zelenskyy joking on social media that the vessel had now joined ‘the Russian underwater Black Sea fleet’.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed president Vladimir Putin about the attack and the damages in a very detailed report, said president’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov to the journalists.


Ukraine has claimed that it has attacked the Novocherkassk, which is a large landing ship that can be used to transport soldiers, armored vehicles, as well as tanks, at a base in the southern coast of Russian occupied Crimea.

Kyiv said it had suspected that the vessel was transporting Iranian made explosive drones which were frequently used by Russia to bomb Ukraine since the since start of its invasion in February 2022.