Rules That Kylie Jenner Has For Her Kids’ Multiple Nannies!


Kylie Jenner, known for her fierce protectiveness over her children, Stormi and Aire, initially resisted the idea of hiring nannies, preferring to rely on her family for help. However, after giving birth to Stormi, she realized the need for additional support and decided to hire a team of nannies. This team of four nannies was carefully selected to meet specific criteria and underwent thorough vetting, including background checks and interviews.

Much like her older sister Kim Kardashian, who openly discusses her use of hired help, Kylie has been tight-lipped about her approach to childcare. Nevertheless, it’s apparent that she values the assistance she receives. As a first-time mom, Kylie acknowledges there are aspects of parenting she’s uncertain about, making the support of a dedicated team invaluable.

In addition to stringent vetting, Kylie’s nannies are expected to be available around the clock. This requirement is in line with the demanding nature of nannying, especially for a high-profile family like the Kardashians. Kylie’s busy schedule sometimes necessitates her leaving her kids with their nannies at short notice. While this arrangement offers the nannies less control over their time, they are reportedly well compensated for their dedication.


It’s likely that Kylie, following the Kardashian family tradition, requires her nannies to sign non-disclosure agreements to safeguard her and her children’s privacy. This practice has become a standard in the Kardashian-Jenner household, underscoring the family’s commitment to maintaining a level of confidentiality around their personal lives.

In terms of financial compensation, if Kim Kardashian pays her nannies six-figure salaries, it’s plausible that Kylie does the same. The nannies in the Kardashian-Jenner household are reported to receive competitive compensation, estimated to be around $100,000 annually. This substantial salary reflects the demanding nature of their roles and the high expectations placed on them.

Overall, Kylie Jenner’s approach to hiring and managing nannies showcases her dedication to providing the best care for her children while maintaining their privacy and security in the public eye. This level of diligence and commitment to her children’s well-being is commendable.