Ronan Farrow’s Dad: Unraveling the Wild Rumors


Mia Farrow and Woody Allen began their relationship in 1980. At that time, Mia was already a mother to three biological and three adopted children. A few months into their relationship, Farrow adopted Moses. In 1984, she approached Allen about having a baby, and he agreed as long as he wouldn’t have to be too involved. However, Farrow faced difficulty conceiving, so she adopted Dylan in July 1985.

Less than two years later, Farrow became pregnant, and Allen showed little involvement during her pregnancy. In December 1987, Farrow and Allen had their only biological child, Ronan. This birth created a rift between them, although they stayed together.

In 1991, Allen adopted two of Farrow’s children, Moses and Dylan, but many believe Allen has no biological children. This is because Ronan looks very different from Allen. There has been speculation about Ronan’s paternity, with some suggesting that Mia’s first husband, Frank Sinatra, might be his father. Mia herself has hinted at the possibility, mentioning that her relationship with Sinatra continued even after their divorce. Allen has acknowledged the uncertainty but considers Ronan his child.


The relationship between Allen and Farrow’s children, whether his biological offspring or not, has always been complex. His affair with Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, and allegations of sexual abuse towards Dylan further strained their relationship. Ronan, in particular, is estranged from Allen and has been a vocal critic of his actions. He has publicly questioned honors bestowed upon Allen and expressed his disapproval of Allen’s marriage to Soon-Yi. Ronan and Allen have not been in regular contact for a long time.