Romance Rumors Between Kim Zolciak & Chet Hanks!


Kim Zolciak, known for her appearances on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Don’t Be Tardy,” has found herself in the midst of a messy divorce from Kroy Biermann. Amidst this, she took on a reality TV project, “The Surreal Life,” which provided a welcome distraction. Reports suggest that she grew close with her co-star, Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Production for “The Surreal Life” began in mid-September 2023, and Zolciak’s involvement in the show led to her missing a court appearance due to scheduling conflicts. An insider revealed that she and Chet became close during filming, though they emphasized that nothing romantic occurred between them. However, there seemed to be a mutual attraction.

After filming concluded, Zolciak and her daughter, Brielle Biermann, traveled to Mexico. Upon their return, rumors about Zolciak’s connection with Chet Hanks began circulating. When asked about it by a paparazzo at LAX, Zolciak couldn’t hide her smile. Brielle responded with an eye-roll and playful denial of knowing Chet.


While Zolciak and Chet follow each other on Instagram, they haven’t engaged with each other’s posts. As of now, neither of them has provided public statements about the situation.

It appears that their interaction during the show may have been a brief distraction for Zolciak, as she’s focused on her divorce from Kroy Biermann. Despite Zolciak’s attempt to have the divorce dismissed, Kroy has maintained his desire to separate. The flirtation with Chet may have served as a temporary diversion from the challenges in her personal life.